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We are currently planning to set up an array of "sub-sites", each one dediciated to a specific area of science and / or technology.

In the technology sub-sites we will be looking in detail at the various aspects of both hardware and software, with a special interest on the open source movement and the programs it has made available.

Article Submissions

If you have written, or know of some one who has, an article (of any length) that would be suitable for publication on this site - or the subsites that make up its content - then please contact us and let us know. All articles submitted and published will be covered by the sitewide Creative Commons licence. If you require a different licencing deal then please let us know.

Site News

After a realtively quiet period, there have been a few new articles added to this site. Its current layout and design is popular so there are no anticipated changes in the pipeline. If you have any questions or comments please let us know.

We have had our google search facility removed as google are able to make any level of accusation about "malpractice" they wish, with no grounds or facility for redress. It is a shame, but I suppose it saved Google from having to pay out $100 every year or so.

The site has undergone a series of redesigns and overhauls over the last two months. In addition to this we have had quite a few articles submitted for both the science and technology domains. If you have any content you would like published here please let us know.

One of the visitors to this site, Talesin, has submitted an article on Acid Rain which is now online. We are always happy to receive submissions, so if you have any thing on science or technological matters you would like published, please let us know.

We have recieved an article submission from an author who has requested we don't publish their contact details. The article is an introduction to the big bang and will remain here while the Astronomy section is under construction. If you have an article or an idea you would like to see covered here please let us know and we will see what we can do.

Update on the tutorial site. The team responsible for this project have set up a domain where they can showcase their progress with the different technologies and hopefully be able to share information on what works and what doesnt.

In conjunction with Sci-Tech, we are in the process of developing a new set of webpages providing step by step tutorials in web site design and web databases - this will include using ASP, MSSQL, MySql, PHP and Cold Fusion.

Over the weekend it has been brought to our attention that the site layout is having some problems. Users of Internet Explorer have been getting very mixed results when the browser renders pages on the Sci-Tech site. At the moment we havent had time to fully idenitify the problem with the CSS but we will do so as soon as possible. In the short term, an interim solution is to quickly refresh each page.
We appologise for any inconvienence this causes and will try to rectify the problem as soon as we can.

The Science sub-domain of is now undergoing online development. This site will act as the "parent" for all the science related sections. Our plans are to provide information, news, education and raise awareness on all aspects of science, however for ease of use and categorising we have divided the science area into four main topics: Physics, Chemistry, Geology and Biology.

In future, we will consider adding more topic areas, depending on availability of information and user feedback.

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