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A survey, shows that less then 40% of the British public feel they are well informed about science.

New Articles - Earth's Carbon Cycle Ultra Sonic Frogs Environmental Niche & Dinosaurs Seismic Waves Global Warming Life Support Systems Introduction to the Big Bang The Problem of Acid Rain

Our science section is in production with a proposed 1 Mar 07 "Grand launch" date.


The Linux Convert site explains how, even today, building your own linux box can be cheaper than getting an off the shelf Windows PC. There is a new article on why you should use linux there now.

New articles: Firewall Bypass Attack Snort For Newbies Malware and Intrusions Intrusion Detection Systems Malware, Trojans and Virus infections and Infection Removal

If you have any comments or suggestions for topics we should cover under the technology banner then please stop by the discussion board and let us know.

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Sci-Tech aims to expand people's areas of interest, hopefully into the science and technology fields! We realise that not every one has the urge to become a nuclear physicist. However most people today fail to realise how advances in sciences impact our everyday lives.

If you have any comments, suggestions or input please let us know!

New Science and Technology Articles...

Science Articles

In the science section - our newest article is about Ultra Sonic Frogs. We also have recently uploaded articles on Biodiversity and Health along with introductions to global warming and seismic waves and a discussion on the environmental niche occupied, and vacated, by the dinosaurs..

We have received a submitted article, providing a "Beginners' Introduction to the Big Bang". This provides a good background for people who don't know all that much about detailed astrophysics and quantum mechanics. Recently we have uploaded articles on The Earth's Life Support Systems and a submission on the problems and effects of Acid Rain.

Technology Articles

In the technology area we have new articles looking at - Snort For Newbies. Also online recently - Malware and Virus Infections. This is part three in our popular series, a guide to help inexperienced Internet users understand how to avoid infection by Malware, Trojans and Virus infections. The series will also be useful to anyone who may not have had previous first-hand experience with dealing with attacks. The previous update to the Malware, Trojan and Virus infections series is also online - detailing the recovery from an infection.

An article submitted by CompuSkills freelance staff (Intrusion Detection Systems) is still available.

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You can read about the historical aspects of Technology on the Etrusia Website - in particular the articles on how new technologies shaped the layout of ancient Roman and medieval cities, and the "Social shaping of technology" article looking at Ancient Greek and Medieval Cities.


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