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Malware / Trojan / Virus (M_T_V) removal tips for NEWBs:

By Heather - Page 2


1. General and obvious

Get a decent firewall and use it.

I couldn't be bothered to run tedious firewall software. My excuses- some of which are still legitimate:

When I had a firewall I had to disable big chunks of it every few minutes to do anything I actually wanted do on the Internet, things like file-sharing and ftping. So you have to un-firewall the only programs that seem to offer any likely security threats.

When you get offered choices about what to allow or deny, it's very hard to guess what to choose, unless you know what components make up every program, as well as know whether Flash's Dial-Home device can be hijacked by some Trojan or other. Which you almost certainly don't unless you are an PC industry security expert.

In the same way - when you are offered choices about which ports to allow access to - how do you tell?

Most firewalls suit the purposes of businesses than home PC users. An organisation can just block its staff from accessing chat programs like MSN Messenger or Google Talk, etc. An individual on a home PC might want to use such a program to chat to people. S/he needs a firewall that will allow access to Messenger, etc., but stop malicious activities from sneaking through it.

Not that I am any judge on firewalls. I have only ever used freeware, shareware or trial versions. I am sure there are good commercial firewalls that you can customise to meet your needs without a postgraduate degree in computer security.

Get decent anti-virus & anti-spyware software

and use it (and keep updating it)

Even more obvious. No arguments for not doing this. Most av software detects a fair amount of Trojans / Malware, as well as viruses.

However, don't necessarily trust your av software. There are problems with viruses disabling any anti-virus processes they find as a matter of course. So you blithely think your PC is clean when you have an infestation. (Some rules for life here, I see.)

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5 - McAffee, AVG, etc. There is probably no uselss commercial anti-virus software. It's not normally considered a good idea to a have a few av programs installed at once as they tend to report each other as viruses. However, I think it can be quite helpful, in case one finds what the other(s) missed. I think it's probably a good idea to switch between your av software after a certain time, just in case you have intrusion software that has disabled your existing AV.

6 - AdAware:
Never, ever go to on, or any variants thereof, by mistake as you may find you have entered the Internet equivalent of Bizarro world - in trying to install anti-spyware, you have installed buckets of spyware.

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